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Welcome JLR Employees!

Nine hours personal photography tuition available for the full value of your ELS allowance!

Welcome to this section for Jaguar Landrover employees. Below is a list of questions and answers that many people have asked over the last few years and hopefully this will make your decission to sign up for a course easier. Please feel free to email or phone me if you need anymore information.

What type of tuition do you offer?

The lessons are personal tuition rather than big groups, as this is the best to fit your individual needs and offers the most flexability to fit around employees shift patterns. I can also better target you brand of camera and skill level. A few people learning together also works well to if you have frinds that want to apply too.

Where is the tuition based?

The courses will normally be based at my address in Sheldon Birmingham. This is about 3 miles from Solihull JLR. From there I can teach you in my office, or depending on weather we can go out locally and take images

When will the training take place?

I am free most week days after 7pm (sometimes earlier) or every other weekend Saturday or Sunday. Please note that there may be a delay starting your course just after the ELS scheme closing date, however some prefer to start in the spring if this suits them better.

What is the cost of the course?

The course costs £150 which is entirley covered by a full years ELS allowance. If you have already spent some of your allowance for the year then you can use say £75 for half the tuition etc.

What will I learn during the course?

As the lessons are personal, I can teach you and aspect of photography, regardless of your level of ability. This can include image editing, lighting, professional photography or just taking better holiday snaps!

Do I need an expensive camera to attend the course?

Not at all, I can help you with any type of camera that you own and even if you don't own a camera yet I can lend you one for the duration of the sessions, to help you decide what is best for you before you buy one

Can I come with a friend and learn together?

Absolutely, if 2-3 attend courses together this can be a fun way of learning. If you don't specify you want this, then it will be one to one.

How many hours tuition do I receive?

The allowance buys you 9 hours tuition. This will normally be 3 3 hour sessions as I find this is about right for most people. If you need something different to this them please get in touch to discuss.

Do I really need 9 hours?

This is about right to begin with, some employees come back to me each year to continue their learning as they progress to the next level. Others are happy with the 9 hours, its really up to you!

What happens between lessons?

The sessions work best if you can practice between them and maybe bring some examples of the images you have been taking with you. The more you put into photography, the more you get out of it!

I have some important pictures to edit can you help me?

Yes of course, this is all part of photography and I would be happy to teach you image editing using some of your own pictures

What if I have unusual circumstances and the location / timings above just don't suit me?

Give me a call and I will do my best to accomodate!

What if I have to cancel a session?

I need at least 3 days notice of a cancellation so I can allocate that time to someone else, so unfortunatly if less than this that session will be forfeit.

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